Destiny 2 getting a fashion magazine for the game’s most stylish players

Fashion is power in Destiny 2, but players are interested in more than just pure stats. Sure, players want armor and other gear that’ll make their characters more powerful — but plenty of players place equal importance on just how dang good they look. Since Destiny, fashionable players have been convening in the /r/DestinyFashion subreddit, where players share their best looks and how they acquired them — a process that sometimes means a major grind.

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has clearly noticed the appeal of a stylish guardian, and to honor that, it’s creating a digital fashion magazine featuring looks from the game. Called Threads of Light, the magazine is for “celebrating [the] community’s creativity and showcasing the best guardian fashion styles,” Bungie said in a tweet about the magazine.

Bungie hasn’t said much else about Threads of Light, like how players can submit their guardians looks or when the magazine will be released. We’ve reached out to Bungie for more information. For now, Destiny 2 players are plenty eager to share their best styles: For a peek, check out the replies to Bungie’s Threads of Light tweet, or head on over to the Destiny Fashion subreddit.

Fashion has always been a major draw for video games: Players want to customize their characters and express themselves in virtual worlds, just as if they were meeting with friends physically. The big thing that’s changed over the past few years is that companies and brands are starting to notice, too. In 2020, brands approached Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the opportunity to release designs in the life-of-slice video game — both high-end fashion houses and more endemic esports brands.

This year, Roblox players spent thousands of dollars on a rare, digital Gucci bag, a small part of the game’s very own fashion industry. Earlier this week, Fortnite itself — also known for its massive collection of skins — announced a collaboration with Balenciaga, with items available both digitally and physically. Balenciaga, for its part, seems particularly interested in exploring digital worlds; last year, the high-end fashion brand held its fall 2021 fashion show inside a post-apocalyptic video game city.

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