Destiny 2 patch makes the pinnacle grind mathematically possible

On Thursday, Bungie dropped hotfix for Destiny 2. Bungie built the new patch to make some of Destiny 2’s current pain points — mainly how luck-based the late game power grind is — a bit smoother.

The most important change in the patch adjusts the new pinnacle power system. Pinnacle items now drop two points higher than a player’s average, rather than just one.

The new pinnacle power system is a grind only for the most dedicated Destiny players. Once a Guardian reaches 950 power (the max for most items), pinnacle drops are the only gear items that can push them past it. Pinnacle drops only come from Destiny 2’s most relevant activities (defeating the raid or completing a holiday event), and previously only dropped one point higher than the average — 951.

In order to start getting 952 drops, a player had to have all 951 gear. This led to some luck-based frustration, where players would miss out on one gear slot for weeks without moving up a level. The pinnacle max of 960 was mathematically impossible to reach over the three month season — barring perfect luck.

Here’s a video of Destiny 2 YouTuber Datto discussing the previous issues with the pinnacle system.

This new change bumps the average up, by adding two points per pinnacle. Now, players should start seeing 952 items once they have four 951 pieces. Players shouldn’t run into the same issues of just missing one heavy weapon or a good pair of boots.

Bungie also adjusted the drop rate for the two season pass weapons: the Pluperfect auto rifle and the Temporal Clause machine gun. Instead of only dropping rarely from Strikes, Crucible matches, or Gambit, both guns have a chance to drop from the Vex Offensive seasonal activity. This should make getting a great roll of these weapons much easier before they go away in December.

Finally, Bungie fixed a major bug impeding progress in the Izanagi’s Burden, Mysterious Box quest. Forge Keys should always count toward progression now, as should obtaining an Obsidian Crystal from a rare Black Armory bounty.

All these changes are live now in Destiny 2.

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