Destiny 2 will further divorce cosmetics from gameplay, Bungie says

In Destiny franchise director Luke Smith’s new blog, the Bungie developer got candid about microtransactions and the Eververse store for Destiny 2. Smith explained where players can expect certain kinds of rewards in the future, and how the studio is divorcing gameplay from cosmetics.

Smith started off his Eververse section by discussing some hard truths about game development. According to Smith, microtransactions directly fund important aspects of the game. While he was clear to say they aren’t responsible for everything, Smith did say that players’ purchases of the Whisper of the Worm weapon ornaments in 2018 made the recent “Zero Hour” mission possible.

Because of these key financial contributions, Smith went on to clarify some philosophies behind the new Eververse store. Starting in the fall, Bungie will undertake an effort to divorce cosmetics from gameplay as much as possible. Playing the game will net players rewards like items like weapons, power, mods, perks, stats, triumphs, and titles. But the Eververse store is where players should expect to get items like universal ornaments, weapon ornaments, shaders, ships, Sparrows, emotes, and Finishers.


Bungie is overhauling Destiny 2’s Eververse in-game store

According to Smith, new systems like Armor 2.0 blur that line — players can earn these cosmetic armor pieces by completing various activities — but players should generally expect cosmetics to come solely from the Eververse store. Smith points at that while there will be some exceptions, this is the new general rule.

This reality strikes an old nerve with the Destiny 2 community. In 2017, the Eververse’s monopoly on all things cosmetic frustrated Destiny veterans. Unlucky players even had to use the Eververse to get their first Sparrow. Bungie eventually started adding some cosmetics like an Exotic Ghost shell or Sparrow to beating activities. But with this recent philosophical change, players should expect fewer cosmetic items to be given out for in-game accomplishments.

Smith also announced some additional changes coming to the Eververse store this fall. Players will be able to purchase cosmetics based on the character class they’re currently playing. Players who’ve collected part of a Eververse armor set will see a reduced price when trying to buy the rest of the set with Silver. And player will be able to access the Eververse store via a in-game menu, removing the need to travel to the Tower.

These Eververse changes will come alongside the Armor 2.0 system when Bungie launches Destiny 2: Shadowkeep on Oct. 1.

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