Diablo 4 adds customizable skin tones and faces

In Diablo 3, players could switch their character between male and female, but each class was tied to a specific design. Sure, you could be a lady Necromancer, but either way you would be playing a white-haired, pale person with a strong sense of menace and an affinity for skulls. Diablo 4 will be a little different; you’ll be able to customize how your base character looks.

On the BlizzCon 2019 show floor, players will have access to four different premade character designs for each of the demo’s three classes, but there’s a pretty big difference between each portrait. This Diablo game looks like it’s going back to grim aesthetics, and each protagonist will be able to match that.

During the Diablo 4: Unveiled panel, Blizzard showed off some concept art for various Barbarians. Most of them are scarred, haggard, and looking very unhappy. Which is fair enough, considering all of the disemboweling and demons showing up in the area around them. But players will be able to have more control over what face they go with.


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Players can also customize their mounts, swapping on spooky skeleton heads or beautiful horse shoes to make their ride look especially spiffy.

As characters level, they’re still going to be able to equip new gear and try out different kinds of armor. However, there’ll be a nicer looking and more varied set of characters to wear them, and that’s always nice.

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