E3 2020 Will Be Different, As Geoff Keighley Drops Out Of Coliseum Event

E3 2020 is getting another shake-up, as host and producer Geoff Keighley has announced he will not be participating in E3 this year. Specifically, he won’t be producing E3 Coliseum, the games showcase he introduced in conjunction with the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) in 2017.

In a statement, Keighley explained his decision and said he looks forward to supporting the industry in other ways:

“For the past 25 years, I have attended every Electronic Entertainment Expo,” he said. “Covering, hosting, and sharing E3 has been a highlight of my year, not to mention a defining part of my career. I’ve debated what to say about E3 2020. While I want to support the developers who will showcase their work, I also need to be open and honest with you, the fans, about precisely what to expect from me. I have made the difficult decision to decline to produce E3 Coliseum. For the first time in 25 years, I will not be participating in E3. I look forward to supporting the industry in other ways and at other events in the future.”

Keighley added some additional context in Twitter replies. He said “a ton of factors” went into his decision to back out. “I just don’t really feel comfortable participating given what I know about the show as of today.” In another tweet, he said his decision to back away wasn’t related to money. “We honestly didn’t even get that far,” he said.

Keighley also produces and hosts The Game Awards, and hosted a similar event at Gamescom last year.

E3 has been undergoing changes over the last few years–both from within the ESA and outside forces. The organization made the show open to the public in 2017, the same year Keighley began the Coliseum showcase. Since then the show floor has been changing, most notably with the absence of PlayStation in 2019. Sony has announced it will once again skip the event this year. The first press conference, from Limited Run Games, was recently announced, and we expect more show details to be coming this week.

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