Fallout 76’s Vault 94 opens next week. Here’s what’s in it.

Vault 94 is opening up in Fallout 76 on Tuesday, Aug. 20 (on Windows PC), and a preview from Bethesda Game Studios this week describes the game’s first Vault Raid. It’s an instanced event, meaning the only other human players you’ll find in there are the ones on your team.

For that, “we recommend assembling a full team of level 50+ characters to take on the timed and instanced missions you’ll encounter,” Bethesda wrote. What you find in there is all yours, the raid, the encounters and, of course, the loot. Bethesda says it is putting to use its “new Instancing technology” for the first time.

That’s why the raid’s launch will be staggered across platforms. PC players get it first on Tuesday and then, if raids “run smoothly over the following days, we will open the Vault for consoles as well,” Bethesda said. The patch delivering the Vault 94 raid will still be delivered on the same day to all platforms.

Inside the Vault itself, players will get three different missions on a weekly rotational basis. The first is “Dead in the Water,” to be followed by “Meltdown” and “Washout.” All the missions will last one week, and have three difficulty modes, an untimed Novice setting followed by Standard and Expert difficulties. Loot corresponds to difficulty, of course.

Canonically, Vault 94 was the home of pacifist Dwellers “armed with nothing but a stockpile of seeds and the Vault Suits on their backs.” So, hippies. Their door opened a year after the bombs dropped and out they went to restore the Earth’s bounty. It didn’t go so well for them.

Inside sounds something sorta like Vault 22 from Fallout: New Vegas. It’s “completely overrun by nature. Yet,” Bethesda writes, “something within now threatens its destruction.” Players are there to save the Vault, learn what happened to the hippies, and get their merch.

Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks

Among that loot will be plans to craft new Vault Armor sets, such as the Strangler Heart armor pictured above. Vault Armor plans can’t be earned in the Novice mode, so that’s basically just your practice run difficulty. The raid also awards a new resource, Vault Steel, which is necessary to build the armor. Neither steel nor the armor crafted from it can be dropped, traded or sold.

All that said, since new code is being put into use, be prepared for the chance this doesn’t work right the first time. “Staggering the release of Vault 94 between platforms will allow us more flexibility to address issues that may not be apparent until larger playerbase gains access to Vault 94 than our internal playtests allow,” Bethesda said. “If significant issues are discovered, we can disable the Raid on PC until we’ve implemented the necessary fixes, and then bring Vault 94 back online for all platforms.”

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