FF7 Remake Guide: How To Get The Game's Best Accessory

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you can get an endgame accessory called the Gotterdammerung, which allows its wearer to begin any battle with a fully charged Limit Break. Not only that, but after the attack is expended, their Limit Break bar will steadily charge–even when that character isn’t moving or attacking–decreasing the time it takes to get another fully charged Limit Break. Below we detail exactly what you need to get this incredibly useful accessory.

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How To Get The Gotterdammerung

The Gotterdammerung is your reward for completing a secret combat challenge on the VR Combat Simulator found at Shinra HQ near the end of the game. To unlock this hidden challenge, you’ll need to complete the following steps–one of which requires you to beat FF7 Remake to even start tackling.

  1. Complete all the Corneo Colosseum challenges across both Chapter 9 and Chapter 14.
  2. Complete every challenge in the VR Combat Simulator at Shinra HQ during Chapter 16.
  3. Once you unlock Hard mode after beating the game, replay Chapter 17 and progress through Shinra HQ until you run into Chadley, who informs you of a new VR Combat Simulator with a new slate of challenges. Complete them all.

If you messed up any of the steps along the way, like failing to complete Aerith’s Corneo Colosseum challenge before letting her go with Madam M, know that you’re free to go back and complete them using Chapter select, which is unlocked alongside Hard mode after beating the game. You can also use this feature to jump right into Chapter 17 to complete the final step of the process, so you don’t worry about having to run through the entire game on Hard just to get to that VR Simulator.

Regardless, once you’ve completed the required steps, a new challenge called Three Person Team Vs. Top Secrets will be available on the VR Combat Simulator. Successfully completing this challenge nets you the Gotterdammerung, but doing so is no easy task as it’s essentially a boss gauntlet with no breaks in-between that has you fighting summons Shiva, Fat Chocobo, Leviathan, Bahamut, and a secret boss called Pride and Joy. It’s a true test of everything you’ve learned throughout your adventure, so make sure your characters are in tip-top shape. For your reference, we completed the challenge with each character at the max level of 50.

After beating Three Person Team Vs. Top Secrets, the Gotterdammerungis as good as yours. However, if you’re stuck on the challenge, be on the lookout for our in-depth guide detailing everything you need to know to overcome it in the coming days.

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