Ghost Of Tsushima Features Character Customization, Here's What We Know

During Sony’s latest State of Play livestream, we got a much closer look at the upcoming PS4-exclusive open-world game set in feudal Japan, Ghost of Tsushima. Everything from exploring the world, stealth mechanics, combat encounters, and even character customization were on display in the gameplay walkthrough. You will play as Jin, who can either be a Samurai or Ghost throughout the game depending on your playstyle, but regardless, you’ll have customization, and even fashion on the mind.

One part of the gameplay reveal showcased a number of ways you can make Jin your own. Different sets of armor apply to either playing as a Samurai (combat-focused) or as the Ghost (stealth-focused), and they give you specific advantages for either playstyle.

There are also Omamori Charms, which you equip to grant specific perks. For example, the Charm of Okuninushi is a defense charm that slowly recovers your health out of combat, while the Charm of Unseen Respite grants 25% health recover when using smoke bombs. The menu screen shown also stated that you earn more Charms by finding Inari Shrines which are scattered across the open world.

In addition to Charms, you’ll earn Technique Points to learn and upgrade skills, further fleshing out some RPG-like mechanics in Ghost of Tsushima.

Where you can start to personalize Jin’s clothing is with dye flowers, a resource you collect in the environment. If you collect enough of them you can change the color of your armor, clothing, and even your sword’s handle and sheath. And we also got a peek at several different armor sets, which you can see below (or in the video above).

Ghost of Tsushima launches exclusively on PlayStation 4 on July 17 this year. For more on the game and the detals that were revealed during Sony’s State of Play, check out the stories below.

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