How And Where To Get Every Weapon In FF7 Remake

Each character in Final Fantasy 7 Remake has six different weapons, and each one has its pros and cons. Some weapons are better for straight melee fighting, others amp up your magic capability, and a few carry benefits like increased critical hits and boosted defenses.

Weapons and their upgrades are the avenues through which you can customize your characters and their roles in battle. But while some weapons come your way through the course of the story or are waiting for you in shops, others are in particular places that you can blow right past. Below is everything you need to know to find every weapon in the game, for every character.

  • Cloud
    • Buster Sword
    • Iron Blade
    • Nail Bat
    • Hardedge
    • Mythril Saber
    • Twin Stinger
  • Tifa
    • Leather Gloves
    • Metal Knuckles
    • Sonic Strikers
    • Feathered Gloves
    • Mythril Claws
    • Purple Pain
    • Barret
      • Gatling Gun
      • Light Machine Gun
      • Big Bertha
      • Steel Pincers
      • Wrecking Ball
      • EKG Cannon
      • Aerith
        • Guard Stick
        • Silver Staff
        • Arcane Scepter
        • Mythril Rod
        • Bladed Staff
        • Reinforced Staff
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          Buster Sword

          Though you start with the Buster Sword, the Weapon Upgrade system can keep it a viable weapon all the way through the game. It’s well-balanced between physical and magical attacks, so if you want a weapon that can handle any situation, the Buster Sword is a good one.

          Iron Blade

          The Iron Blade is your first weapon upgrade and you’ll get it as part of the story. After you clear our Scrap Boulevard in Chapter 3, return to the Beginner’s Hall and talk to Biggs and Wedge to get your new sword. It gives you a lot of boosts to magic power, while still maintaining decent melee strength.

          Nail Bat

          Complete the Kids On Patrol side-quest in Chapter 8 to unlock the Nail Bat. You’ll need to defeat the Toad King and his Hedgehog Pie minions in order to get it. The Nail Bat mostly focuses on critical attacks and boosting Cloud’s HP, at the expense of power in both attack and magic.


          Drop by the Weapons Shop in Wall Market in Chapter 9 to get Hardedge. You’ll need to work through part of the story in the chapter in order to get access to the shop, but it’s a good idea to hit it before you go to Corneo’s Colosseum. Hardedge is a sword that sacrifices magic and materia slots for raw power and defensive boosts.

          Mythril Saber

          You’ll be back to Wall Market in Chapter 14, and the Weapons Shop will have updated its inventory. If your Cloud is a heavy magic-user, the Mythril Saber is a good bet for him. It has a lot of materia slots and gives you a big boost in magic power.

          Twin Stinger

          You’ll pretty much trip over the chest that gives you the Twin Stinger in Chapter 17. Look for it after you reunite with Barret after the bridge collapses as you chase Hojo. It’s on the walkway just through the door where Cloud and Barret first encounter the M.O.T.H. Unit. It’s a balanced weapon that gives you good elemental damage and a lot of materia slots.

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          Leather Gloves

          Tifa’s first pair of gloves stay pretty formidable throughout the game. If you spec them for it, their attack power can be pushed up relatively high.

          Metal Knuckles

          The Metal Knuckles are your reward for besting the Crab Warden. They don’t have too many materia slots, but make up for it with a bunch of upgrades to attack power.

          Sonic Strikers

          Look for the Sonic Strikers in a chest in Chapter 7. It’ll be in the hallway between the B6 and B5 Air Buster labs. The Sonic Strikers are particularly good if you favor elemental damage and spells.

          Feathered Gloves

          After you enter the sewers in Chapter 10, you’ll hit a room in which you need to raise a sluice gate to drain water so you can cross a gap. Once the water is gone, duck under the gate to find a chest with the Feathered Gloves inside. They give some solid buffs to ATB generation, speed, and strategies like attacking from the rear.

          Mythril Claws

          You get the Mythril Claws as part of the main story when you defeat the Failed Experiment boss in Chapter 13. Like other Mythril weapons, these have big boosts to magic power and are good if your Tifa is a spellcaster.

          Purple Pain

          You can easily miss the Purple Pain gloves, which are found in Chapter 16 in the lobby of the Shinra Tower. When Tifa goes for the keycard in the reception desk, you’ll climb up a display to reach a ladder with a red toolbox beside it. Walk around to the back of the ladder to find a place where you can cross hand-over-hand to the west wall of the area, where a chest waits on top of a display. The Purple Pain gloves pack a bunch of materia slots and carry critical hit boosts.


          Gatling Gun

          Barret’s initial weapon is a strong choice if you’re using him as a tank to absorb damage for the team. You can raise his HP pretty high with the Gatling Gun’s upgrades, which is great with later weapon abilities like Lifesaver.

          Light Machine Gun

          Your second weapon for Barret is fairly balanced, with a few good boosts to his defenses. You’ll get it automatically from Biggs as you advance the story in Chapter 6.

          Big Bertha

          When you return to the Collapsed Expressway with Tifa and Barret in Chapter 13, you’ll eventually emerge in Evergreen Park, where a few merchants have gathered. Visit the Weapon Store to get Big Bertha, which is Barret’s hardest-hitting ranged weapon. Drive up its attack power to make it useful in a lot of big, arduous battles.

          Steel Pincers

          The first of Barret’s melee weapons is Steel Pincers, which you can buy from the Moogle Emporium in Chapter 14. This is Barret’s weapon for focusing on elemental damage–you can get a lot of buffs to your elemental spells, and unlock a number of materia slots, as well. The trade-off is that you need to get in close to fight enemies.

          Wrecking Ball

          Barret’s Wrecking Ball is another melee weapon, and it carries the highest attack power of all his gear. You’ll earn it for completing Chapter 14’s “Subterranean Menace” side-quest, which you can get from Wymer in Evergreen Park.

          EKG Cannon

          The EKG Cannon, Barret’s last gun, is also the one you’re most likely to miss. You get it from talking to Hart, Mayor Domino’s butler, in the Shinra Tower archives. After dealing with Domino, talk to Hart for information about the Shinra executive you’re seeking. He’ll agree to clue you in, but only for 10,000 gil. It sounds like a rip-off, but pay the man anyway; after he dishes out the information, he’ll give you the EKG Cannon, which packs a ton of materia slots and focuses on critical hits.


          Guard Stick

          Aerith’s first weapon gives you big boosts to magic and MP, as well as to her primary attack abilities and healing spells. It’s a well-balanced magic-focused weapon that’s good no matter what role you assign Aerith.

          Silver Staff

          Once you get to the Sector 5 undercity in Chapter 8, work through the story until you’re allowed into the Kids’ Hideout. You can purchase the Silver Staff from the Moogle Emporium there. This is another well-balanced magic staff, with focuses on reducing the costs of spells and amping up Aerith’s HP.

          Arcane Scepter

          You’ll get this staff just by completing specific side-quests in Wall Market in Chapter 9. When you interact with Madam M in her parlor, choose any option except “Luxury” to unlock two side-quests: “The Party Lasts All Night” and “Dynamite Bodies.” Win the fight in the Colosseum for “Dynamite Bodies” and the Arcane Scepter is your reward. It’s particularly for elemental magic.

          Mythril Rod

          You can easily run past the Mythril Rod if you’re in a hurry in Chapter 11. Just after you enter the Train Graveyard, you’ll walk through a train car to advance. When you exit the other side, straight in front of you is another train car. Go through it and turn right to head south. At the end of the area, behind a cargo container, is a chest containing the Mythril Rod. This one gives you a huge boost to magic power, at the expense of everything else.

          Bladed Staff

          If you don’t know the deal with the Bladed Staff, you might never know it’s there. You have to use the Steal materia on Eligor, the chariot-riding ghost boss in Chapter 11, to get this one–and it might take you more than one try. If you like Aerith as a ranged attacker, though, this is a handy weapon; its upgrades are mostly focused on amping up your critical attacks.

          Reinforced Staff

          You can’t miss Aerith’s final weapon. It’s located in a chest right at the start of Chapter 17, in Aerith’s room in the Shinra Tower, so don’t leave before opening it. The Reinforced Staff is good for defense, while packing a whole bunch of materia slots.

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