Marvel’s Avengers is getting its first raid and Spider-Man before 2022

Marvel’s Avengers is continuing on after its recent War for Wakanda expansion with a new hero and activity type coming later this year. On Wednesday, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics confirmed that Spider-Man will join Marvel’s Avengers alongside the game’s first raid.

A year after launch, players will finally get a raid in Marvel’s Avengers. Players will battle Klaw, the primary villain of War for Wakanda, in a new and unique boss fight. Crystal Dynamics promised that heroes will battle new enemies in the raid and that this is an entirely new activity type — different from the super-hard Omega Level Threat that launched this Summer.

The new raid and Spider-Man are the highlights for the rest of 2021
Image: Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix

Spider-Man, a character that’s exclusive to the PlayStation versions of Marvel’s Avengers, will also be out by the end of this year. Crystal Dynamics originally announced Spider-Man’s exclusivity just before launch last year. While the raid and Spider-Man don’t have exact dates, the promo image for the raid shows Spider-Man swinging toward Klaw. So it seems likely PlayStation players will already have their hands on the web-head before going up against Marvel’s Avengers first big bad.


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The road map for the rest of 2021 also includes a host of reworks for the game’s material economy and gear upgrades. Old events will also come back around before the end of this year, and players will see even more skins inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Crystal Dynamics will reveal more information about its 2022 plans by the end of the year, but it assured Polygon that more Marvel’s Avengers content is coming.

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