New Death Stranding Trailer Puts Fate In Norman Reedus' Hands

Ahead of Death Stranding’s November 8 launch on PlayStation 4, Sony dropped a new promotional trailer for the game that puts more emphasis on Sam Bridges’ goal.

The official PlayStation YouTube channel published the trailer, above, which shows Sam running away from pursuers in yellow suits. As he attempts to escape, Sam talks about how “they” have fractured our society and will try to stop you at every turn. It seems Sam has an important “drop” to make that has high stakes if he fails. It’s still very mysterious what Sam has to achieve in Death Stranding, apart from reconnecting the world. The only way to save society is in his hands, though.

In September, director Hideo Kojima tweeted that Death Stranding had gone gold. This means the game has passed all certification required for discs to be pressed and distributed, effectively solidifying Death Stranding’s November release date. Before making the announcement, PlayStation’s September State of Play revealed a limited edition PS4 Pro that includes a colored DualShock 4 controller and custom-themed Death Stranding console.

During Tokyo Game Show 2019, we saw a full hour of Death Stranding gameplay. Not long after, we got a glimpse of some other elements of Death Stranding, including customization, exploring the safe house, and more.

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