Nioh 2 open beta on deck for November

Nioh 2 fans can prep for the action RPG’s demanding gameplay with a 10-day open beta beginning Nov. 1, PlayStation announced early this morning.

There still isn’t a concrete launch date for Team Ninja’s masocore follow-up, but a Nov. 1 to Nov. 10 public beta suggests that is right around the corner. The latest guidance was “early 2020” according to a trailer from Tokyo Game Show; January is typically a dead month for any new releases, and the first Nioh launched the first week of February 2017.

The Nioh 2 trailer from Friday showed a new game, with a new player protagonist transforming into a yokai to take on those demons on their terms. Nioh 2’s main character will be left up to player choice (including gender and race), meaning the series’ first hero, William, either isn’t returning or is an NPC guest-star.

We’ll have more on Nioh 2 from Tokyo Game Show 2019 in the days to come.

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