One of Hitman 3’s best levels is getting a wicked new twist

We already knew that Hitman 3 was getting more content soon, but it turns out that developer IO Interactive already has a full slate of plans for February. The studio will release new content every week throughout the entire month, according to a content roadmap published Thursday.

Most of the new content will focus on Escalation missions, which are variations on the missions that are already in the game. Escalation missions provide new parameters for existing missions by doing things like changing the targets or making players eliminate them in very specific ways.

In the first mission of the month, scheduled to come out on Feb. 4, IO will send players back to Dartmoor — but this time, to eliminate every member of the wealthy Carlisle family while making each death look like an accident. On Feb. 18, players will get an Escalation mission called “The Sinbad Stringent,” which seems to feature, knives, boxes, and a twist on Hitman 3’s first mission in Dubai, though IO didn’t go into too many details.

Image: IO Interactive

February’s new content will also include two Featured Contracts created by MinnMax (Dubai) and KindaFunny (Dartmoor). An update on Feb. 23 will give players who own the Deluxe Edition of the game new items to complete both the Mendoza and Carpathian Mountains missions in two Deluxe Escalations.

IO is also planning to release a game update that day, but the studio didn’t explain what would be in it. According to IO’s blog post, the patch will include bug fixes and a few tweaks to the game, and it will prepare players for something called “The Initiation Protocol.” While this isn’t much to go on, IO said that it would provide more information on the patch closer to its actual release date.


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Finally, IO will close out the month with new Elusive Targets on the Sapienza map from the original Hitman, which will run from Feb. 26 to March 8. The game’s Elusive Targets and Escalation Missions will be free for all players who own the game — and Hitman (2016) in the case of Sapienza — while the Deluxe Content will be available only for players that own the Deluxe Edition of Hitman 3.

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