Square Enix got Tom Holland and Hannibal Buress for a Final Fantasy 14 ad

A new ad for Final Fantasy 14’s upcoming Shadowbringers expansion shows Spider-Man actor Tom Holland trying to become the Warrior of Darkness with comedian Hannibal Buress. You can watch the video above.

Holland spends the video training to swing a giant Dark Knight sword and bust baddies, only to have Buress remind him that it’s a game and Holland is a gamer, so he just has to press buttons. The two then start playing, only for Holland to immediately die in-game.

The two have great chemistry together, as we saw in parts of in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Holland shows off his strength while bench-pressing Buress, and Buress jabs back by noting that Holland isn’t a hard-ass Warrior of Darkness, he’s a dude who grew up in the “nice part of London.”

Square Enix will release the Shadowbringers expansion on June 28 for players who preordered the game, and July 2 for everyone else. Final Fantasy 14 is available for Windows PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4.

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