The internet is losing it while watching Fortnite’s black hole

Sure, Fortnite’s map getting sucked into a black hole was a spectacular thing to witness. But since then, there’s no way to play anything, and fans have been relegated to watch that black hole eerily swirl in the distance without word from Epic of when things might end. As of this writing, it’s been nearly a day of downtime.

What are people supposed to do now? Go outside? Play a different game? Whatever the case, the current state of things is sparking a number of hilarious responses to Fortnite’s black hole event, as players either start losing their patience or realize that Epic Games has suckered everyone into watching nothing happen. While it seems likely that the game might be back within a day, until then, we’ve got nothing but memes to keep us occupied (well, that and a secret Galaga mini game.) At least the jokes are good!

Here are some of our favorites from around the web.
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