The Sims 4’s massive free update is an interior decorator’s dream

The Sims 4’s Dream Home Decorator game pack did a lot for players interested in home renovation and design, but a new base game update published Tuesday is, arguably, a much bigger deal.

Developer Maxis added two new kits to The Sims 4: Fashion Street and Incheon Arrivals, inspired by India and South Korea, respectively. Most of the stuff in these kits is available only if players buy them, but Maxis added a new, free base game update, too. And it’s an update that’s been a long time coming — expert Sims builders have been asking for this level of customization for some time now. The Sims 4 art team added around 1,200 new item variants to 149 base game items in Build Mode, publisher Electronic Arts said in an update on The Sims 4 website. To put it simply, 149 items now have a massive selection of different color and pattern swatches, which means that you can make things match in new ways. Curtains! Wood swatches that match! Colorful stoves!

The full list of items is available on The Sims 4 blog. In particular, I’m getting real Ironwood Kitchenette vibes from the new VAULT Modular kitchen set.

Image: Maxis/Electronic Arts

It’s not only inside stuff, either: There are new swatches for gardening, as well as plants themselves, plus all 64 base game windows have been updated, too. It’s overwhelming and very exciting — there’s so much room for deeper customization with these additional swatches. Of course, it’s no Create a Style, which let The Sims 3 players fully customize object patterns and colors.

Still, it’s a step closer.

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