Volition is finally fixing Saints Row 2 for PC

Saints Row has always been stupid, but before it went completely off the rails with dildo bats and super powers, Saints Row 2 reigned in its wackiness to create a beautifully bizarre Grand Theft Auto–like game — and it’s about to become playable again on PC.

Players haven’t been able to play Saints Row 2 on PC for years. Because of buggy, un-updated Steam port, players need guides and mods just to get the game to boot on modern machines. Major game features like online co-op have been off the table for PC players without mod support, and players still report constant crashing.

After years of thinking the Saints Row 2 source code was lost, Volition employees finally found the missing code, setting the rebuild project in motion. In a new stream from developer Volition, the studio revealed the two-person team that’s using the source code to rebuild Saints Row 2 for Steam.

The rebuilt version of Saints Row 2 will work through Steamworks instead of Gamespy. Volition said the previously console exclusive DLC — Ultor Exposed and Corporate Warfare — will finally come to PC, too.

Because it’s a small team, it could be a while before the Saints Row 2 compatibility patch is released.

Saints Row 2 was initially released in 2008 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It was ported to PC in 2009.

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