Wet weather on the way for Gran Turismo Sport

Nearly two years after it launched, Gran Turismo Sport will be getting its first wet-weather full course. No arrival date has been set for it, but fans can watch some Puegeot rally cars slip and slide through the Red Bull Ring above.

Coque Lopez, a racer for Williams Racing eSports, takes the viewer on a hot lap at Spielberg, and if a sim racer is squalling this much in heavy wet weather, you can imagine the challenge to schlubs like me.

Even though the Gran Turismo series had dynamic weather and day-night cycles on GT 5 and 6 — for PlayStation 3 — the feature is effectively absent from GT Sport, which made the series’ PS4 debut in October 2017. There is one wet-racing location, the infield at Northern Isle, but it’s used in the driving school.

A leak earlier this week suggested GT Sport was getting a wet track, so today’s video appears to confirm that. No word yet when this feature will join the game though.

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