Bizarre Animal Crossing Glitch Lets You See Your Villager’s Bra (But Why?)

File this one under “get yourself put on a government watchlist.” Animal Crossing: New Horizons features a strange glitch that reveals, well, maybe more than you wanted to see of your cute little villager.

See, much ado has been made of New Horizons‘ refusal to specifically gender players. It’s a cool feature that gives enby folks a little room to breathe in a game specifically designed for that. However, in lieu of typical “are you a boy or girl” questions at the start of the game, players are asked to choose a “style” – one more traditionally masculine and one more feminine.

This is where the (hilarious and a tad bit strange) issue starts.

If you’ve chosen the more perceived feminine “style,” the game assigns you a hidden gender marker that you can’t necessarily see – or maybe aren’t even supposed to. I say this because it led to a very strange discovery during a local multiplayer session with my girlfriend.

Players who choose to wear no shirt are put in a plain tanktop, which was what I’ve been rocking because it just works with my character’s jeans. While visiting my girlfriend’s island, I decided to step inside her house and change up my style in her mirror. After going into the menu, she followed behind me. But when she came in, she was greeted with a weird sight – see for yourself:

My little villager gal was standing right in her living room, stripped down to her bra – like a scene right out of a bad teen sex comedy. After I finished editing my nose and hair, I pulled out of the menu and my tanktop clipped back on me out of thin air. When we tried to replicate the glitch with her in the room, no dice – the tanktop stayed on. From what we could tell, my girlfriend had to walk into the room while I was in the menu to trigger the glitch.

I have a couple guesses of why this happens. My main one is that this is part of the character model that we’re not supposed to ever see, period, but was probably visible at some point in development. In all likelihood, the bra that you see in that pic is likely grafted onto the feminine “style” as a gendered signifier that helped developers differentiate between the two “styles.” To put it simply, this means that the two character models are actually unique and not the same as they initially appear. Consequently, the “style” is actually a hidden gender option – they just don’t call it that.

The whole thing is kind of funny, really. It’s interesting that there are two unique models here, and it really begs the question if Animal Crossing: New Horizons was intended to have the typical “boy or girl” question at some point in development. If so, then what we’re seeing is a remnant of that earlier version of the game. Otherwise, it makes absolutely no sense to have these two models when their physical appearances are basically identical.

Ultimately, we’ll probably never know, and I certainly won’t – god knows I’m no video game developer. One thing’s for sure, though: human character models in Animal Crossing: New Horizons have tiny bras, and that’s funny, weird, and cute (in a very strange way) all at once.

And hey, if you want, you can just think of them as chest binders!

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