Breath Of The Wild Glitch Shows Detailed Look Underwater

Whether or not Breath of the Wild is one of the best games of all time is up to some debate, but whether it is one of the most detailed games of all time really shouldn’t be. In case there were argument about it, though, some new evidence comes in the form of a glitch of all things. One player found a way to remove the water from a small pond from their view and take a look at how the game looks under the not-sea.

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The player bonks their head against the pier and activates their scope, making the game think they’re looking above water. While Breath of the Wild lets you swim, it doesn’t let you dive or really see beneath the water’s surface beyond large objects for you to magnetize out. This video gives a good look at how the world looks beneath the water.

It has a lot of detail and artistry for something never meant to be seen. I wonder if there was, at some point, a planned diving mechanic that ended up getting axed? Maybe it’s something we’ll see when Breath of the Wild 2 rolls around?

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