Days Gone PC Release: Will Days Gone be on PC in the future?

Days Gone launched last week and was a roaring success.

It turned out the PlayStation 4 exclusive had the biggest physical sales launch of the year so far in the UK.

And we’ve had some big games – including Mortal Kombat 11, Anthem and Resident Evil 2.

The much-awaited Sony exclusive is developed by Sony’s very own Sony Bend Studio who are based in Oregon where the game is also set.

But with so many people wanting to play the game, some have been asking/searching if the game will be released on Steam or PC. So here's what you need to know.

Will Days Gone be released on PC?

At the present time, there are no plans for Days Gone to be released on PC.

Sony Bend Studio (The Developer of Days Gone) is owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment Brand.

They made the game with the full intention of it being a PS4 exclusive, not meant for any other platform.

So it’s definitely not in the pipeline in the near future, for Steam, Epic Games Store or any other PC service.

But it’s not uncommon for PS4 exclusives to never become available on PC.

Sony encourages people to buy their hardware by offering games which can’t be experienced elsewhere.

Likewise for anyone wondering ' is Days Gone coming to Xbox One? ' the answer is yet again, no.

There are no plans to bring Days Gone to any other platform at the time of writing.

It’s more likely that if Days Gone ever does end up on PC, it will be there through Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming service.

Some PS4 exclusives, including Bloodborne, are already available on PC through this.

So it could be Days Gone will make the jump at some point, but for right now you may have to invest in a PlayStation if you want to play it.

And if you're in doubt, why not check out our Days Gone review.

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