Dino Survival Horror ‘Goner’ Begins Kickstarter Campaign

Of late there haven’t really been any decent virtual reality (VR) videogames involving dinosaurs and that’s a real shame. The last major ones were from a couple of years back, such as Island 359 or Robinson: The Journey. That may change if Spanish developer Loco Players succeeds in its bid for Kickstarter success, looking to fund Goner.

Goner is a dinosaur-themed survival-horror being built for PC, where you play as Anthony Sunder who’s looking for his mother and her expedition which have gone missing. Naturally, when it comes to dinosaurs and lost crews his search inevitably leads him to a mysterious island. Inhabited by a hostile lost civilization as well as feral fauna and creatures with big teeth almost everything wants to kill him.

Gameplay details revealed so far see Goner featuring two modes, Survival and Story depending on the type of dino filled experience players want to have. They’ll need to manage hunger, thirst, fatigue, temperature and health by heading into the jungle to hunt and collect resources, learning to cook, find water sources and craft useful items.

To keep the action and environment realistic there will be day and night cycles with sun and moon phases alongside changing weather conditions. Players will have to carefully manage items due to limited inventory capacity, the usual prerequisites for any survival title. What is a little different is the ability to camouflage smell with mud or water to aid in hunting or not getting caught.

“There’re many dinosaur games but there has been no single-player, story-driven survival-horror game since Dino Crisis was released 20 years ago, and that one was not from the first-person perspective,” says Yeray Schwartz, CEO at Loco Players in a statement.

Loco Players aim to raise €24,600 EUR from the crowd-funding campaign, to help cover the costs of production and development. A number of stretch goals have already been announced, should the campaign reach €190,000 then Goner will be ported to VR devices although no specific headsets have been mentioned at this stage. To bag yourself a copy the Early Bird tier is offering a digital copy of the title for €13 (£12).

As the Kickstarter progresses VRFocus will keep you updated.

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