Epson EH-TW6250 review – A mid-priced 4K UHD projector for all the family

Movie, gaming and sports fans will love the sheer clarity of image from this excellent piece of kit.

The Epson EH-TW6250 is an upgraded version of its 6150 model and boasts of a built-in Android TV user interface over is sibling.

As such, once unboxed, you’ll have the machine up and running in a matter of minutes, beaming super detailed 4K pro-UHD visuals on huge walls and spaces all over wi-fi.

Maker Epson has launched six new projector models for this winter, with this being one of them and costing around £1,000 right now.

Staff hope they can tap into the colder nights on the horizon, with folk spending more evenings indoors in front of a screen, rather than going out.

But if you’re looking for a supersized image then this mid-priced beast is well worth a look.

The device itself is white and on the bigger size.

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We recently reviewed a portable, much smaller XGIMI projector at half the price and this has got to be at least twice the width and feels far less portable at first.

That said it has clean lines and feels study, with an effortless professional projector look.

You’ll ideally need to either sort it a dedicated shelf above viewers’ heads, but failing that you can place it on a table, desktop or even a floor beneath your wall/projector screen, even at a sideways angle, and use the manual keystone correction levers within the device to smooth out your image.

Displaying sharp images, and smooth movement, it can handle the most atmospheric scenes and can increase brightness with dark gamma uplift for a more enhanced gaming experience.

Films look cracking on this projector.

We easily had it running at about 120in on a white shed wall and, as the sun dropped down over the horizon, the 2,800 lumen brightness really boosted those tiny details so that movies like Lightyear look incredibly pin-sharp, vibrant and colourful.

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But I’m told if you have a big enough surface it’ll go to about 500in.

For gamers, there’s a very tiny lag time of less than 20ms; ideal for those online multiplayer sessions where you’re battling for every bit of an advantage over web rivals.

And thanks to the built-in Alexa and Android service you can log into all your favourite streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ in a heartbeat.

Plus there’s YouTube streaming and phone casting.

And thanks to the not-brilliant-but-okay 10W built in speaker, you can even rock away to your favourite music videos too.

I’d recommend plugging in a decent speaker system to really give those big screen moments equally big sound.

It’s a great choice for a family home, not too hefty in price and offering a high quality all round image that can be pumped up to a near-cinema screen size.

There’s clearly defined shadow detail and deep blacks, a real fluidity to the visuals and bright colourful display thanks to those all-important 2,800 lumins.

The image balancing is easy to do and ensures pin-sharp visuals on any surface.

With up to 10,000 hours of lifetime on its lamps, you could watch a movie every day for up to the next 15 years without having to replace them. So this’ll last you a long time too.


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