Everything New In The Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

A music video has been released for the theme song of Final Fantasy VII Remake to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the release of the original game and it has revealed a lot of new content, as well as some surprising changes to the story.

We know that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be focusing on the Midgar section of the original Final Fantasy VII and that it will be stretched to the length of a full game, which means that it will include new content and expand some of the storylines. The latest music video can be seen on the official Facebook page for Final Fantasy VII Remake and we have broken down all of the new content that was revealed.

Before discussing the new and changed content in the Final Fantasy VII Remake music video, we should mention scenes from the original game that appeared in the trailer for the first time, along with expansions of things we already know about.

The video gives us our first glimpse of Red XIII, the flashback scene with Cloud and Tifa as kids, Don Corneo picking between his ladies, Roche (the new member of SOLDIER) challenging Cloud to a battle, a reimagined version of the Sword Dance enemy, and Cloud crawling through the vents in the Shinra Headquarters.

The Honey Bee Inn

There were many fans who believed that the Honey Bee Inn would be cut from Final Fantasy VII Remake due to some homophobic stereotypes and the implication that it was a brothel. It seems that the Honey Bee Inn has been overhauled for Final Fantasy VII Remake and appears to be more of a burlesque house with both male and female performers.

It also seems that Cloud needs to visit the Honey Bee Inn in order to finish his transformation into a beautiful woman. The comments from the host about beauty not being tied to gender feel like a response to the criticisms aimed at Final Fantasy VII and they are a welcome addition in the remake.

New Sephiroth & Jenova Encounters In Midgar

In Final Fantasy VII, the Sephiroth plot didn’t properly kick off until the party reached Kalm. Sephiroth killed President Shinra off-screen and took off with the body of Jenova, but we didn’t learn more about him until the Kalm flashback.

The recent trailers and promotional artwork for Final Fantasy VII Remake have revealed that Sephiroth will be part of the story during Midgar, but he will have a much bigger role than fans realized. He destroys a bridge, causing Cloud to fall a great distance, so he makes at least one physical appearance, while AVALANCHE battle against a Jenova monster, most likely in the Shinra Headquarters.

A Closer Look At The Shinra Executives

It seems that the Shinra Executives will play a bigger role in the Midgar section of the game. The scene with Reeve protesting to President Shinra about the destruction of Sector 7 was in the original game, but there are new scenes involving Scarlet, the head of the weapons division.

Scarlet is shown performing experiments on what appears to be summon Materia, while  her feet are up on a Shinra soldier, who is on all fours. It’s unclear what Scarlet is doing with the Materia, but it’s possible that summon monsters could be used as enemies in the game while under her control. However, this is purely speculation.

Hojo Spying On Cloud

The new scene involving Sephiroth tearing apart the bridge and dropping Cloud is being watched by Hojo through surveillance cameras. In Final Fantasy VII, Hojo performed experiments on both Cloud and Zack following the Nibelheim Incident, but the player doesn’t learn this until late in the game, as the developers were trying to keep Zack’s involvement in the story a secret. It seems that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be more open about Cloud and Hojo’s past, even if the truth isn’t revealed in the first game.

A New Boss Battle In The Ruins Of Sector 7

When President Shinra orders the destruction of Sector 7, the player is unable to return to the area. It seems that the ruins of Sector 7 will be playable in Final Fantasy VII Remake, as Barret, Cloud, and Tifa are shown battling a robot with a drill and several Gatling guns on its body in the area.

Leviathan In Midgar

The summon monsters didn’t appear in Final Fantasy VII until after Kalm, but the developers of Final Fantasy VII Remake are introducing them in the Midgar section of the game. We already know that Ifrit and Shiva will be in the game and that several summons (like Choco/Mog) will be pre-order bonuses, but it seems that some late-game summons will also be appearing.

The player normally doesn’t acquire Leviathan until Wutai in Final Fantasy VII, but the party will get it much earlier in Final Fantasy VII Remake, as it’s shown being used against the new robot boss in Sector 7.

The New Shadow Monsters Are Connected To Sephiroth

One of the most intriguing new additions in Final Fantasy VII Remake is shadowy monsters that seem to be hunting Aerith. These monsters were shown attacking AVALANCHE and the Seventh Heaven bar in a later trailer.

The new music video seems to confirm that the shadow monsters are connected to Sephiroth, as he is seen as a ghostly image among them in the trailer. This is pure speculation, but it’s possible that Sephiroth is corrupting the Lifestream and creating undead monsters that act on his command. We won’t know for sure until the game is released.

The Shadows Attack The Shinra Headquarters

The most interesting scene in the trailer (and something that wasn’t spoiled in the recent demo leak) is that the shadow monsters are attacking the Shinra Headquarters. This event is shown after AVALANCHE has escaped from the building with Aerith and Red XIII in tow, so it must happen near the end of the game. The significance of this event is unclear and it might be tied to a similar scene earlier in the trailer where a beam of green light is shown erupting from the building.

The music video has revealed lots of new content regarding Final Fantasy VII Remake, but it has also raised a number of questions. We can’t wait to find out how all of these new elements will tie into the story of Final Fantasy VII Remake. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released for PlayStation 4 on April 10, 2020.

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