Everything We Learned About Lady Dimitrescu In Our Resident Evil Village Preview

You might play as Ethan Winters in Resident Evil Village, but Lady Dimitrescu is the true star. Ever since her initial reveal, the towering mistress has dominated discussion around Capcom’s survival horror blockbuster, and for good reason. I mean, just look at her – she’s the pure distillation of millennial thirst culture. But when you look past the screams of “please step on me, mummy”, it becomes clear that she is a truly formidable villain, and one of the most original antagonists in the series’ history.

I recently witnessed an hour of new Resident Evil Village gameplay, and throughout we learn so much about Lady Dimitrescu, her personal motivations, and exactly how she operates in the wider landscape of the game. I made some fun and fascinating discoveries, all of which shine a greater light on exactly what the big lady is all about. I’ve compiled a few of the more meaningful observations from my preview, which you can check out in its entirety here.

Her motivations are both personal and complicated

It can be easy to dismiss Lady Dimitrescu as little more than a towering mistress waiting to slash you to pieces, but my recent preview teases her as a far more troubled antagonist. Her position in the Dimitrescu family is one of notable prestige, but it seems even this isn’t enough in the eyes of Mother Miranda – the unusual overseer of this twisted cult.

An earlier trailer saw Lady Dimitrescu hurl a dresser across her room after a rather heated conversation, with the continued presence of Ethan Winters and her failure to apprehend him lowering her status in the eyes of her mother. She’s torn up about this, and jealous that other members of her family are being treated in a way that is filled with admiration, instead of the disdain that haunts her inner thoughts.

When Ethan is first displayed before the clan, he is treated as a joke, a lowly man who couldn’t possibly have an impact on their plans. It becomes clear he means business, and thus the way he’s treated by Lady Dimitrescu and company changes along with it. He finds himself on equal footing, willing to take on these otherworldly beasts if it means saving his daughter. As you might expect, our lanky mistress doesn’t take too kindly to this.

She behaves just like Mr. X

Before this preview, I wasn’t sure if Lady Dimitrescu would be a traditional boss battle and a figure meant only for cutscenes, or a more omnipresent threat who kept watch of your every move. Well, I’m chuffed to confirm that it seems to be the latter, with the villain stalking Ethan through the halls of Dimitrescu Castle much like Mr. X ruined Leon’s day as he explored the Raccoon City Police Station.

Once you have your bearings amidst Dimitrescu Castle, peace is quickly shattered as Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters begin hunting you down. Their footsteps can be heard from a distance, providing Ethan with just enough time to dart into a nearby hiding place or disappear into the walls, navigating the establishment through discreet tunnels instead of waltzing around in the open. She will be a mighty enemy to contend with, although has one major weakness – doorways.

Yep, Lady Dimitrescu is so tall that she will have to duck underneath doorways when chasing after you, opting for a bit of inconvenience instead of smashing through the precious architecture that has existed in her family for generations. It’s a cute touch, adding an element of hilarity to her already campy sense of villainy. That, and when she finally catches me and grabs me by the throat, I don’t know if I want her to let go or to just beat me to death.

She is worshipped by the village

Mother Miranda and the figures that surround her are treated as celestial beings by the Eastern European village wallowing in the filth of Dimitrescu Castle. For generations, they have treated the family as a bastion of hope, something that blesses their lives and everything they’ve come to know. Portraits of Lady Dimitrescu can be found in the homes and churches across town, indicating that she truly means something to these people.

So – when werewolves begin tearing them apart as a deadly infection spreads through the populace, this faith is brought into question. Exactly who is Mother Miranda, and why now, of all times, has she decided to wreak havoc upon the inhabitants of this village? It’s a conspiracy that will unfold with ample intrigue in the full game, with Lady Dimitrescu sitting neatly at the centre of this plot.

Her place in the wider narrative

I can’t talk about certain elements of Lady Dimitrescu due to spoilers, but I feel the buxom demon will play a major role in the wider narrative. At least, I hope she does, since killing her off a couple of hours in will break the internet in ways we’ve never seen.

Her personal motivations and willingness to betray the wishes of Mother Miranda could see her taking on a more central role as the plot progresses, thwarting both the plans of Ethan Winters and that of her family, a cabal which continues to cast her aside despite constant dedication to the cause. This dynamic would be fantastic, acting as a far more engaging sequence of events than simply having us slowly tear the family apart through a sequence of boss battles.

Yep, she is really tall.

Like seriously, so tall. Even without those heels she’d be massive. An absolute T-Unit.


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