FIFA 20 OTW Cards – New FUT Ones to Watch cards revealed and explained

FIFA 20 Ones to Watch cards once again returning to the game with several new players selected for the upcoming season who could be in line for some significant FUT upgrades.

For anyone new to FIFA or Ultimate Team, the Ones to Watch items are special dynamic FUT 20 items that are inspired by the biggest transfers of the summer and upgrade throughout the season based on their real-world performances for their new clubs.

These cards will be going live in-game, this week, on Friday, September 27th. But, it's only for a limited time and once they're removed from FUT packs you'll only be able to get them from the transfer market.

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FIFA 20 OTW players list – all confirmed FIFA 20 One To Watch cards

In addition to the above, the three players below also have the opportunity to be One To Watch players, but only one can.

Who that is will be decided by a public vote in-game or via the Companion App.

  • RW: Allan Saint-Maximin (Newcastle United)
  • CB: Éder Militão (Real Madrid)
  • ST: Patrick Cutrone (Wolves)

FIFA 20 OTW cards explained – How do Ones to Watch cards work and when are they available?

It's pretty simple when you break it down.

While One to Watch cards are available in packs, they will replace standard cards. So, it will be impossible to get a standard Eden Hazard card during the period of time that OTW cards are available in FUT packs.

Afterwards, you'll only be able to pack the standard version and OTW cards will only be available in the transfer market.

The stats for a One to Watch card will increase whenever a better version of the player becomes available in the game.

For instance, Arsenal's Nicolas Pepe has a 83 rated OTW card, but if he were to get a TOTW Card rated 85, then the OTW card will INSTANTLY increase in rating.

It's also impossible for a OTW card to decrease in rating, so if a player experiences a sharp downturn in form, it won't impact their card if they started the season in sensational form.

So bottom line, once the rating increases, that's the minimum rating the card will have for the rest of the season.

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FIFA 20 OTW cards FAQ

Still got questions? EA Sports have answers

Q: What makes Ones to Watch special?

A: The Ones to Watch items dynamically upgrade and have an opportunity to increase in ratings throughout the season. If you have a Ones to Watch item in your club, its ratings will automatically match that of the players latest Team of the Week, Man of the Match, European Team of the Tournament, Hero or Record Breaker In-Forms. The better the player performs in real life, the higher their ratings become!

Q: What is a Live Item?

A: Ones to Watch players will be released as Live Items. The ratings on this item type update automatically, whether they are in your Club or listed on the Transfer Market.

Q: When do Ones to Watch items get updated?

A: The items get automatically updated when a new Team of the Week, Man of the Match, European Team of the Tournament, Hero or Record Breaker is released, provided that the player is included.

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