First Trailer for VR Sword Fighting Title Until You Fall Hits

In February Schell Games announced its next project, an action-oriented sword fighting title called Until You Fall. Only releasing some rather interesting looking artistic images, to begin with, today the studio has published its first teaser trailer, showcasing debuting the energetic gameplay.

Most teaser trailers tend to be cinematic in nature, with lavish set pieces or detailed artwork rather than pure gameplay – studios tend to keep it secret as long as possible. Schell Games has decided to do the exact opposite, going straight for the jugular and dispensing with the pomp, with three quick scenes detailing what the fights will look like.

They do look rather epic in nature, with the first involving what looks like general grunt enemies, then a mid-range foe followed by a heavy opponent of possibly a boss of some sort. It’s all about sword fighting combat, striking enemies and parrying their attacks to gain an advantage. Performing particular indicated strikes looks to cause extra damage, and there does seem to be hints as to where to put the sword for blocking manoeuvres. Players also have a limited window to perform an armour breaking attack to finish their opponent.

Smooth locomotion also seems to be an option, combined with a teleportation action that gets you into the action whilst achieving an early blow to stun an enemy.

Schell Games has said that Until You Fall aims to provide a smooth combat experience with players able to be masters of their own martial style, battling corrupted humanoids, monstrous creatures, and other unknown horrors. Blending multiple styles of sword fighting, the videogame also combines a magical element as well as a rather intriguing death element, with the studio simply mentioning: “Death is inevitable, though win or lose, players will make progress towards the next level.”

A launch is planned for later this year although Schell Games has yet to confirm a release window or which headsets Until You Fall will support.

In the meantime, I Expect You to Die will be arriving on Oculus Quest as a launch title next week. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Schell Games, reporting back with the latest updates.

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