Gaming Detail: Yoshi Emits Juice From Both Exits When Out Of Bounds In Super Mario Sunshine

Some game glitches are fun or even helpful. This doesn’t really fall into either of those categories and is just kind of gross.

For as long as video games have been popular, their players have been trying to find problems with them or ways to mess with them. Whether that be finding shortcuts in Super Mario Kart that weren’t meant to be there – we’re looking at you Rainbow Road – or finding glitches in modern-day games by messing with them and their code.

Finding a glitch or exploiting a game can often be to the players’ advantage. Take modders, for example. Modders continue to add and tweak games to make them interesting or helpful for reasons the developer never intended. Numerous modders continue to work on Super Mario 64, adding characters and elements from other classic games such as Sonic and Doom.

However, some glitches aren’t helpful at all, and not even that amusing. Well, actually, this one might fall under the amusing category, at least for some people. The Yoshi that can be found in Super Mario Sunshine fire juice from their mouths. However, when a Yoshi is taken out of bounds via a glitch or an exploit, its juice fires violently out of places other than its mouth.

As can be seen in the image above, we are unfortunately referring to Yoshi’s backside. That’s right, the glitch appears to give Mario’s beloved dinosaur a serious case of diarrhea and vomiting. Perhaps the poor thing ate a bad Goomba. There is some good news, though. Even though the Yoshi is ejecting twice as much juice, since its meter is timer-based, it depletes at the same rate as it would if juice were only coming from its mouth.

This isn’t the first time something unpleasant has been unearthed regarding the Yoshi in Super Mario Sunshine. Upon finding some unused Yoshi colors in the game’s files, it was discovered that rather than emitting a colorless liquid like the regular green Yoshi, an unused grey Yoshi spews a disgusting looking brown liquid. We thank Nintendo for not allowing that to make it into the final cut.

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