Get in Lane With This ForeVR Bowl Gameplay

Today sees ForeVR launch its first virtual reality (VR) for the Oculus Quest platform, ForeVR Bowl, bringing some classic sporting action to the standalone headset. VRFocus has already reviewed the title but why not see it in action with a little gameplay video recorded on the Oculus Quest 2.

Who doesn’t love a bit of bowling? Considering the past year and the fact that venues have all but shut, a bit of home VR bowling is more than welcome. ForeVR Bowl combines realistic physics with a playful attitude where you can practice bowling a few strikes solo first before challenging friends either at home or online.

ForeVR Bowl is split into four gameplay modes two single-player and two multiplayer. On your own keep it friendly or play ranked matches and try for a leaderboard spot. Want to practice a certain split, you’re covered on that front as well. On the multiplayer side, you and three friends can compete online or for those able to enjoy a home gathering there’s Pass and Play, allowing up to eight people to swap the headset between themselves.

Playing in ranked matches earns you cash which can then be used to by more bowling balls. As ForeVR Bowl relies heavily on accurate physics each ball is slightly different, not just is look but in handling. Some are better for spinning, others pure speed, whilst some a heavy dead weights that won’t bounce at all.

“At its core, a bowling videogame should be fun for all levels whilst providing enough depth for serious players to compete and feel challenged. ForeVR Bowl easily achieves all of this, with some great bowling mechanics combined with gorgeous visuals,” VRFocus said in its review.

ForeVR Bowl is exclusive to Oculus Quest. Take a look at a small sample of what the videogame will offer below – as well as VRFocus’ awful bowling – and when further content becomes available we’ll let you know.
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