Get Your Rally on This Month in Rec Room

Social app Rec Room is holding its annual Rec Con event this weekend, three days of panels, concerts, special events and announcements. As part of today’s roster, Rec Room has just unveiled a brand new game that is playable on supported devices later this week, Rec Rally.

Part of a new feature where Rec Room adds driveable cars to the social world, Rec Rally has been built in-house by the Rec Room team. Introducing a brand new off-road environment, up to six players can race around the track and compete for first place, utilising boosts, jumps and powerslides to their advantage.

As mentioned, this feature allows all player to participate, whether they’re on iOS or Android devices, in full virtual reality (VR) on an Oculus Quest 2, PC VR headset or PlayStation VR, or on a TV screen playing on the latest PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S.

Really though, Rec Rally is more of a showcase for the vehicle feature. This is the first time players can have a fully realized vehicle experience in Rec Room, with all the creator options users know and love. With the Rally buggies, they’ll be able to create their own driving experiences for their rooms inviting friends to come and test a new track.

The buggies support multiple passengers and dual-wielding objects while driving, so whether you’re in the buggy by yourself or with a passenger, combat racing is all part of the fun. The buggies can be found in the ‘Beta Features’ section of the maker pen.

This continues a recent bevvy of updates for the social app, seeing Android support introduced in August and Rec Room host its own Reclympics. All aided by recent investment rounds that have brought Rec Room’s total funding to date to $149 million USD.

Rec Room’s Rec Rally update will be released this Wednesday, 29th September at 10 am PT (6 pm BST) for free. See the new feature in action below and for further updates on the latest Rec Room news, keep reading VRFocus.
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