How Electric Cars In GTA Online Are Indirectly Helping The Real World Environment

While Los Santos and the world of GTA Online might be one of fantasy, the fact that the game is so massively popular means that it has subliminal effects on those who play it in the real world. This means that when Rockstar decides to put high performance electric sports cars into a Grand Theft Auto game, they’re showing players that eco-friendly vehicles can be just as powerful as those powered by gas, increasing the likelihood of players purchasing electric vehicles in the real world.

Rockstar hasn’t been shy when it comes to including electric cars in GTA Online. Not only does the game have models based off of the everyday Toyota Prius, but the developers have been diligent in recreating some of the world’s most highest performing electric vehicles as well. When a player driving an electric sports car beats a bunch of other players driving high-end petrol cars, gamers take notice. Electric cars are no pushover, and Rockstar has aimed to make that clear.

Some of the fastest cars in the game, including 2018’s Tezeract, can put players in a great position to win a multiplayer race all while doing so with the power of electricity. Even the recently released Överflöd Imorgon line of vehicles allows players to own a high end luxury sports car, all while letting their friends know that they’re protecting the environment at the same time.

To be fair, playing Grand Theft Auto doesn’t directly help the real world environment. When your in-game character is reducing his or her emissions while driving around, you’re not really doing anything to save the city of Los Santos and its inhabitants. However, the inclusion of electric vehicles within the game can indirectly make them more acceptable in the eyes of real world consumers.

Ever since they began popping up on the market, many car fanatics have written electric vehicles off as a j0ke, or “not a real car”, simply because they aren’t being powered by gasoline. That being said, by including these types of vehicles in a wildly popular video game while showing players what exactly they’re capable of can in turn open gamers up to the idea of driving an  electric vehicle without feeling like they’re missing out on a “real car”.

So, thank you Grand Theft Auto, for indirectly working to make the world a better place.

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