I Just Watched The Book Of Boba Fett Finale And I’m Mad At Luke Skywalker

Major spoilers ahead for Chapter 7 of The Book of Boba Fett.

Last week Luke Skywalker gave precious, tiny Grogu a brutal ultimatum. He could either forget about Mando, take Yoda's old lightsaber, and devote himself to becoming a Jedi. Or he could go back to his old friend with the nifty new Beskar armour he had forged for him. Bit of a heavy choice for a child, but Luke clearly thinks Grogu is mature enough to choose his own destiny.

This week, in the series finale, we find out what choice Grogu made. A familiar looking X-Wing lands in Peli Motto's hangar in Mos Eisley, but Luke is not inside. I was bracing myself for another appearance of a digital Jedi-era Mark Hamill, but instead we're rewarded with the delightful sight of Grogu sitting in the pilot seat. Sadly he didn't fly it himself—R2-D2 was on pilot duty.

As much as I love seeing Grogu in an X-Wing cockpit, I am very disappointed in Luke Skywalker. We don't know the name of the forested planet Luke took Grogu to yet, but presumably it's a remote one—and likely a good distance from Tatooine. Was it really wise of Luke to basically arrange an Uber for someone as important as Grogu, rather than deliver him there himself?

Grogu is a high value target for a lot of very dangerous, shady people—including the last remnants of the Empire. This is the entire premise of both seasons of The Mandalorian. So the fact that Luke would send him out into space, where any number of credit-hungry bounty hunters could be flying around, without any protection? It just feels reckless, and kinda out of character.

If a bounty hunter, pirate, or some other space ne'er-do-well attacked, would R2-D2 be able to fight back or even outrun them? Presumably astromech droids can only pilot ships like X-Wings in the most basic way, getting from A to B. Unless Luke programmed R2 to be an ace pilot, I don't fancy Grogu's chances much when faced with a ship like Cad Bane's Xanadu Blood.

Maybe Luke was pissed that Grogu chose to reject the ways of the Jedi and run back to Mando. But does that sound like Luke Skywalker to you? Even if he was, he surely wouldn't go so far as to ditch the poor little guy. I'm not sure why he couldn't do it himself, either—all he's doing on that planet is sitting around meditating while a load of worker droids build stuff for him.

Like most things that don't quite make sense in Star Wars, I guess we could just explain it away with the Force. Maybe Luke is guiding R2 from afar, ready to step in and defend the ship if anything goes down. Maybe he has so much faith in Grogu's Force sensitivity that he thinks he doesn't need any help. Or maybe an X-Wing is just too small to be detected in the depths of space.

There's also the possibility that the producers of The Book of Boba Fett just couldn't stomach dropping another few million dollars on yet another appearance from digi-Hamill. He had more screen time than Fett last week, the alleged star of the show, and that must've added up to a decent chunk of change for Lucasfilm. Whatever the case, Grogu deserved better.

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