Kingdom Hearts ASMR That Will Take You To Another World

Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and the Kingdom Hearts series definitely draws people in because of its embellished themes of friendship and use of Disney worlds. It’s easy to imagine yourself in these magical worlds, as they present a wondrous alternative to our often mundane and stressful reality. This collection of Kingdom Hearts ASMR will help you escape, so sit down or get a pillow and get ready to relax.

Destiny Islands

This is an obvious one, but many would say that Destiny Islands would be an ideal vacation destination. It’s small, desolate, and has a friendly community if Sora, Riku, Kairi, Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie are anything to go by. In this video by Relaxing Sounds, you can hear the seagulls in the background as you gaze into the sunset. We could see ourselves sitting there for a long time, perhaps with a book, or standing up and skipping rocks against the surface of the water. If you find this area frustrating to play through, we’d recommend our guide to finish it so you can enjoy the view.

Twilight Town Forest

Lying behind a quiet twilit town is a quiet, nestled forest where Remy goes out to forage ingredients for the restaurant. Not a heartless or nobody is in sight, you sit and relax as you listen to the birds chirping. If it was a hot day, the cool shade would be a treat on the skin. While not in this video by TheSilentWatcher, you could imagine the distant sound of a train hollering in the distance. If you decided to be adventurous, perhaps some new treasure boxes or lucky emblems are able to be found. That’s up to your imagination!

The End of the World

This world has been connected, tied to the darkness, and is soon to be completely eclipsed. We understand so little, but we do know that this white celestial noise by Cat Trumpet can help you relax. The world is empty; nothing but heartless dwell within it, but for now, in the World Terminal, you have a moment’s reprieve. You take a deep breath and take in the sound of nothing. You’re strangely relaxed in a world without car horns, the constant verbal noise of the media, and no annoying customers to deal with or be around. There’s no drama. It’s just you and your thoughts.

San Fransokyo

In our COVID world, it’s hard to imagine a bustling city, so it would be lovely to visit San Fransokyo from the excellent Kingdom Hearts 3 and see/listen to its modern landscapes. In this video by AcertingArt, you can hear the sound of cars passing by, machinery on new building projects, and conversations that you happen to listen to. We can imagine ourselves walking down the streets, checking out the golden gate bridge, and perusing around the stores of this major city.

The Black Pearl

Ahoy mateys! With this soundscape by Sleepy Sounds, we can imagine ourselves in the sleeping quarters within Captain Jack’s ship, The Black Pearl. On this mostly safe voyage out into the sea, you can hear the wood creaking as it traverses across the waves of the ocean. We could imagine hearing the waves slapping the deck as a thunderstorm rains above. For those who love the water, we can see this being relaxing for you. If not, maybe skip this one.

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