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The streaming show L.A. By Night follows a group playing the latest edition of the Vampire: The Masquerade tabletop game. The fourth season of the show is underway and the truce between the Anarchs and Camarilla seems to be holding, but all it would take is one misstep and the fragile peace would be destroyed.

In the last episode, Jasper (Alexander Ward) and Eva (Josephine McAdam) dealt with the gargoyle beneath Griffith Park, with the unexpected help of Katya (Shayne Eastin) and two Camarilla Tremere called Bosch and Vera. Eva uses the leylines in the Labyrinth to launch an attack on the Tremere at the Magic Castle, potentially breaking the truce. Katya asks to see Baron Victor Temple (B. Dave Walters) and the two discuss a way to maintain peace.

The episode is set a few hours after Victor’s encounter with Katya. Baron Nelli G (Cynthia Marie) is holding her first party under her new title and everyone has been invited, including Anarchs, Camarilla, and even thin-bloods. The party is being held in the legendary Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and no expense has been spared. A red carpet has been set up for the most important guest, while Nelli holds court near the pool.

Victor is the first to arrive and his security team is front and center to make him look as important as possible. He livestreams with members of the crowd while Campbell (his head of security) leads him into the party. Victor activates Awe as he enters the main party and he is soon swarmed by movie producers, journalists, and wannabe celebrities.

The next to arrive is X (Xander Jeanneret), who drives to the party on a scooter, wearing a gold dress and suit pants, as his invitation said to wear dress pants. The press swarms him, but he refuses to them his name as he enters the party. A voice in X’s ear tells him to find Victor.

Jasper and Eva are the next to arrive, but they do so through a secret entrance in the basement. The guard was warned about Jasper’s appearance, but he still tries to take a photo anyway.

Annabelle (Erika Ishii) is already at the hotel, having spent several hours talking to the local Kindred about Nelli. It seems that most of them didn’t like former Baron Abrams personally, but he kept the peace and was often generous. It’s not that they don’t like Nelli, but the sudden change in leadership is unnerving to them. Still, many of them are willing to give Nelli a chance, mostly due to Annabelle’s endorsement. Annabelle has met roughly half of the people on her list. She sneaks out of her room, grabs a motorcycle, and makes her way to the entrance. The press soon swarms “Baby B” and asks questions about her upcoming album and her personal life. She shrugs them off and enters the party, where she soon runs into X and realizes that all is not right with him.

Nelli is at the pool and the party is in full swing. She recognizes Velvet Velour and her entourage, Kasey of the Valkyries and some of her biker friends, Nines Rodriguez and Lavender are keeping an eye on people, Miranda is there with her followers, and Eddison of the Stardusters was there – the only Camarilla Kindred to accept her invitation.

Eva In The Sky With Diamonds

Nelli has a private cabana near the pool, where movie producers are asking her to finance their latest project. Eva and Jasper come to see Nelli, and everyone’s heads turn as they see Jasper’s visage, complimenting him on the authenticity of his makeup. Eva is incredibly hungry following the encounter with the gargoyle and she looks into the crowd for an inebriated mortal. Nelli gives Jasper a black keycard, which gives him access to every room in the building. Eva spots a young movie producer who is eager to find support for his next project. Eva gives him a “treat” (in the form of an LSD tab) and he is soon overcome by the effects of the (incredibly fast-acting) drug. Eva feeds on him, while Jasper blocks them from view.

Victor and X find a private cabana. Victor has provided X with an apartment outside of Santa Monica. X tells Victor that Eddison has been trading information for blood. The voice in X’s ear tells him to tell Victor that the Camarilla doesn’t consider the thin-bloods to be Kindred and that they aren’t factored under the truce. It’s at this point that the voice tells X to mention two people who have entered the party – Bosch and Vera of the Tremere have arrived. X leaves the cabana and runs into Annabelle, followed by Victor. Eva and Jasper meet up with them and it quickly becomes apparent that Eva is under the effects of the LSD in the blood she drank.

Everyone joins Nelli in the cabana. She gives more black keycards to Annabelle, Eva, and Victor (who passes it to Campbell). She gives a special card to X that tracks the doors he enters. The group catches up on recent events – Annabelle spreading the word, the gargoyle situation, and Victor’s meeting with Katya and Therese Voerman. Victor talks about the Magic Castle situation and how he believes Garrick planted the gargoyle as part of a deeper plot to get the Tremere on their side. X offers Nelli a gift and he uses the Premonition discipline to glimpse the future.

X sees a black and white theatre marquee, as searchlights rollover the night sky. The marquee has the clan symbols for the Ventrue, Toreador, Lasombra, and the Gangrel. Suddenly, the Gangrel symbol starts chasing the others. All of the lights go out and the city of Los Angeles is plunged into darkness. X wakes up and he relays the information to everyone. Victor recalls that Clan Gangrel left the Camarilla in the late ’90s during the Gehenna scare and they were refused reentry later on. There are some individuals who were allowed to join, but they had to work harder to prove their loyalty. Nelli notices at this point that X has an earpiece in his ear, while X notices that a thin-blood named Blake (who Annabelle/Kyoko met at The Deep) is at the party. Annabelle, Jasper, and X leave the cabana and Eva, Nelli, and Victor stay.

Olly, Al, & El

X tells Jasper that he met with Chloe (his ex-girlfriend/Eva’s former ghoul/current Kindred whistleblower named Archangel). She is the one talking to him on the earpiece. Jasper wants to meet Chloe in order to work things out and they agree to do so at a fortune-teller store in the Valley. X hints that they have been giving hints to the Camarilla, which might have prompted a negative reaction to the thin-bloods.

Nelli has been eavesdropping on the conversation and relaying everything to Victor. Eva returns Victor’s rosary beads and says she put a tracking spell on it, but she won’t be around for a week. She’s going to take care of her mess and wants Victor to keep Jasper out of trouble. Victor doesn’t want Eva to try and fix things on her own, but she believes that she is only making things worse and is hurting people. Eva says she will keep her phone on her. Victor promises to take care of Jasper, but still disagrees with her leaving. X bursts into the cabana and wants to take Eva off to dance. Nelli asks who Chloe is and X reveals she is Archangel. Victor thinks this is great and wants to arrange a meeting with her. Victor goes to find Jasper, Eva dances with X, and Annabelle dances with Nelli.

Jasper and Victor go into a private cabana. Victor asks Jasper about his affiliation with the Blind League. Jasper says he came from money when he lived in NYC and he was part of a cult society. He killed his best friend and stole several books from his library, many of which he still has. Victor asks if he is sure the guy is dead and if there is no one out there who will try to avenge him. Jasper isn’t sure anymore. Victor says he doesn’t judge him, but wants to know if there will be trouble if this comes to light, as Aurora (the Camarilla Scourge) had offered this information as a way to bribe Annabelle. Victor promises to keep the Blind League stuff quiet and leaves the cabana.

Nelli runs into Eddison on the dancefloor. Eddison says he hasn’t seen much of Prince Vannevar lately and he has been touch and go, but the Seneschal and Strauss are keeping things under control. He mentions that Therese Voerman has been hanging around with the Camarilla recently and he’s not sure why.

Blake comes over to Annabelle and says most of the Kindred here don’t like him. He finishes her champagne, as he is able to drink regular liquids, though he is still harmed by sunlight. He tells her that Delilah (the leader of the thin-bloods) was impressed by her, but doesn’t trust her yet. He says that the recipe Kyoko gave them is incredibly powerful, as it can awaken a Kindred from torpor, but they are still testing it out. He points out a tall Kindred with silvery blond hair who is staring at them.

Eva and X are dancing. X asks her about her jewelry and she points out a necklace that was given to her by Jasper. X uses the Spirit’s Touch discipline and touches it. He senses her love, sorrow, and fear, as well as Jasper’s contentment upon it. Eva asks if Chloe still loves Jasper. X shatters the earpiece and says she felt confused and abandoned when he left. Eva didn’t want her to leave, but couldn’t stop her either. X says that Eva has to do what she has to do, even though he doesn’t know what that means.

Victor talks to Kasey and is introduced to two new members of the Valkyries – Nails and Torrence. Victor asks about Sycorax: a Gangrel member of the gang who was wounded in battle a while back. Kasey says she is healing and that Torrence is also a Gangrel. Victor asks Torrence if anything is going on with the Gangrel at the moment. She says she will tell him if he introduces her to the Baron.

Jasper talks with Nelli in a private cabana. He tells her that he had a relationship with former Baron Abrams, where he did tasks in exchange for being left alone. The cages in his haven are part of this and she is welcome to use them if need be. Nelli wants their deal to stand.

Annabelle approaches the Kindred who has been staring at her and Blake. He introduces himself as Olly, the Baron of Sun Valley. His coterie includes Al (a guy with Elvis sideburns) and El (a man with a mullet and a bad mustache). Olly liked her speech at the rally and wants to know why she is hanging out with scum. Annabelle says the Anarchs make their own rules and that they shouldn’t believe in Camarilla prophecies. Annabelle uses Awe and tells them that everyone deserves a home. They agree to honor Baron Nelli’s rules. They ask her to come to speak to them in Sun Valley.

Victor introduces Torrence to Nelli. Torrence wants the new Baron to come riding with the Valrkyies sometime, much to Nelli’s dismay. Torrence then reveals that she knows nothing of any Gangrel plans. Campbell appears and asks if Eva is ok, as she almost fell into the pool.

Eva finds Jasper and apologies for everything that has happened recently. She doesn’t want to tangle him up with Strauss. She is going to leave and he can’t stop her. He says that he thought she had stopped running. Eva disagrees, as she is now going to face her problem. She tells Jasper she loves him and gives him a ring that lacks any magic, but has her affections. Eva tells Jasper that his friends need him and she leaves the party.

Annabelle catches up with Blake. She says she is trying to convince people to give thin-bloods a chance, as they can’t be fighting each other with the Camarilla around. Blake knows it’s the Baron’s party and just wants to dance with her, even though he doesn’t know how. Nelli looks out over the party as the mortal guests start to depart. She catches up with a lonesome Jasper and asks for his help in cracking a code. Victor confronts the Sun Valley coterie and reiterates that the thin-bloods are under his protection, and one use of Daunt sends them running to the door.


The episode ends with Greg (Vince Caso) and Ib (Noura Ibrahim) still on their stakeout. Ib distracts Greg and then handcuffs him to the steering wheel of the car, before leaving the vehicle.

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