Miniature World The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets Comes Alive in 2019

Fast Travel Games has already made a mark on the virtual reality (VR) gaming industry with Apex Construct, and now it’s revealed a whole new adventure. For the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2019 this week the team has unveiled The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets, a miniature heart-warming adventure.

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets is a VR experience where you get to explore miniature worlds. “Guided by the voice of your grandfather, travel back to the imaginative adventures of your childhood and the worlds you created together. Revisit a joyful past and the troubled relationship with your sister. You will come to realize things about yourself you forgot decades ago,” the story synopsis reveals.

Gameplay involves solving light puzzles such as using a hairdryer to melt snow in a wintery landscape. You need to grip, push, drop and spin the numerous interactive elements in each world to unlock clues or to discover pets. To ensure you truly use the unique characteristics of VR and to make sure you completely explore each level Fast Travel Games has hidden coins, you’ll need to peek behind objects or look into items to find everyone.

“The Curious Tale started as a passion project of mine and is now being created by a small but dedicated team at Fast Travel Games,” explains James Hunt, Creative Lead in a statement. “I wanted to make a game where players could take their time and marvel at the details in the environments, enjoy the music, engage with the many interactive elements in each world and solve light puzzles at their own pace to proceed – a kind of experience I felt has been missing in VR.”#

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets will be released later this year for PlayStation VR, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. The videogame can now be wishlisted on Steam now.

Check out the first trailer for The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets below. Of course, VRFocus will be at E3 2019 all week to bring you the latest news and announcements from the show as they happen.

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