Modulia Studio Enables Music Creation in VR With ‘No Limit’ Says Thérémix Tech

French indie developer Thérémix Tech recently released a virtual reality (VR) app for Oculus Rift called Modulia Studio, with its primary function being that of music creation. There are several other facets to the music app, so VRFocus caught up with creator William Dulot to learn more about this early access experience.

As VRFocus has previously reported, Modulia Studio has a number of functions for the budding music creator and those who are more experienced. For those just getting started Modulia Studio has its own suite of instruments for users to play with, all of which can be tinkered with in various ways depending on the sound you’re after.

Then for those experienced music producers who have invested in software like Ableton Live, Modulia Studio then opens up to allow even greater control. Ableton Live features can now be used inside VR, offering creator a new way to interact with their music – especially if they love VR as well. To offer even greater flexibility, the software also works with any MIDI-compatible Digital Audio Workstation.

And there’s more to Modulia Studio than content creation alone, you can even produce live on-stage performances or record them to share online later. To provide audiences with a visually appealing set to enhance the music, you can swap between different camera angles and play around with a bunch of visual effects.

In the interview, Dulot talks about Modulia Studio being designed for music creators who don’t want a lot of hardware taking up space, as it can all be digitally represented in a virtual world. He goes into greater detail about some of the features users can find and the benefits this sort of app can have, hopefully inspiring and stimulating people to create awesome music in the process.

And the great thing is that the basic Early Access version of Modulia Studio is free to download via Oculus Store. For those who want more features, the Plus version is unlockable for $39.99 USD/€39.99 EUR or the Pro version at $199.99/€199.99.

Check out the full interview with Dulot below. For further updates on the project keep reading VRFocus.

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