PlayStation Talents Spain Showcases New Super Creepy Do Not Open Footage

Earlier this year as part of Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain’s (SIE Spain) PlayStation Talents programme, Quasar Interactive revealed upcoming PlayStation VR horror Do Not Open. Last week the PlayStation Talents The Moment 2020 event was held online with a new trailer unveiling more gameplay footage.

Whilst Do Not Open wasn’t a finalist for the VII PlayStation Awards, the trailer provided a new glimpse at the promising virtual reality (VR) horror, with a sequence inside a rundown basement. Looking impressively detailed from the peeling walls to the rather dubious looking contents of a saucepan, players need to escape whilst avoiding the creeping menace which seems to be stalking them.

A survival horror, the gameplay has been inspired by escape room mechanics, where players are confined to a house which continually changes. Previously revealing that the story revolves around Michael J. Goreng a zoologist and epidemiologist searching for his wife and daughter, he wakes up inside but as the game progresses so does the layout of the house, an analogy to his loss of sanity.

Quasar Interactive is designing Do Not Open as a non-linear experience, so players can return and make different decisions to alter the final outcome. Results of the challenges they face will also have an effect. Do Not Open may turn out to be a rather tough experience as the studio has previously mentioned it won’t include save points.

Currently, the PlayStation VR exclusive is expected to launch early next year, competing against another VR horror in the form of multi-platform title Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife from Fast Travel Games.

When it comes to new PlayStation VR releases it has been a little quiet of late, with Star Wars: Squadrons and The Walking Dead Onslaught the main headliners in October but even those were multiplatform. Most of the attention is understandably focused on the launch of PlayStation 5 this month. For those that have got one on pre-order, SIE opened requests up last week for the PlayStation Camera Adaptor, an essential component for the those wishing to use their headset with the new console.

As further details for Do Not Open are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.
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