Royal Dutch Army Employing SenseGlove Nova for Military Training

SenseGlove revealed its latest haptic feedback gloves, the Nova, earlier this year, compacting its previous design into a more ergonomic solution. One client testing the latest device is the Royal Netherlands Army, with a new video showcasing how it is using the Nova gloves to train personnel for on-site equipment assemblies.

The army has been experimenting with virtual reality (VR) and various input methods for training purposes for several years now, looking for intuitive solutions to improve training methods. The Ministry of Defence Simulation Centre began testing the SenseGlove Nova in 2020 during prototyping, utilising its force-feedback haptics to create a natural response to assembling complex machinery.

“Using regular controllers in VR is an artificial way of interaction, nobody ever pushes the button with their fist. Usually, you push a button with your finger. Grabbing things, moving things needs to be as natural as possible,” says Captain Ewoud, Staff Officer Research and Development for the Royal Netherlands Army Simulation Centre in a statement.

SenseGlove Nova’s force-feedback system consists of four magnetic friction brakes attached to wires running down the thumb and three fingers. These brakes can supply a maximum of 20N of force allowing users to feel shapes, sizes and forms. Additionally, the gloves also feature voice coil actuators for vibrotactile haptics in the thumb and index finger.

“SenseGlove Nova is made with VR training purposes in mind and we are excited to prove this concept with this use case of assembling a satellite receiver. Any assembly training is based on haptic interactions: dealing with machinery and parts of all sizes and shapes, picking and positioning new parts and interacting with potentially dangerous equipment. That’s why we have created haptic gloves which are made for hands-on practice,” adds SenseGlove CEO, Gijs den Butter.

The training application seen in the video below was made in collaboration with VRee, helping build muscle memory before transferring it to the real world.

Designed for companies interested in VR training and research purposes, the SenseGlove Nova is available for pre-order now retailing for €4,499.00 EUR ex VAT. For further updates on the latest haptic glove solutions, keep reading VRFocus.
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