Spuds Unearthed Coming to PlayStation VR, Indiegogo Campaign Launched

Polish developer Gamedust (Neverout) released the rather unusual Spuds Unearthed via Steam Early Access in January and now it wants to bring the title to PlayStation VR with some public support on Indiegogo.

The studio has just started the crowd-funding campaign with a mission to raise $10,000 USD in the next month. The main focus is to support the development of a PlayStation VR version which the team expects to release in Q3 2019. As with a lot of Indiegogo projects, backers can pledge from as little as $1 but that won’t get them access to the videogame. For that backers will need to pledge a minimum of $25 for ‘Limited PSVR Hot Potato Bundle’ which also includes a comic and two digital artbooks. There’s also a tier for Steam/Oculus keys at $19 – or you could just go to Steam direct to download the title.

The Indiegogo campaign isn’t just about supporting PlayStation VR. It’s still in early access so Gamedust wants to add further content and polish the experience. That base $10k goal would also see an additional character added, the Mechanist, a new turret, a Mecha-Bot vehicle, more Zombuds and Goonbots enemies and a new map. Several stretch goals have also been outlined including a $25k single-player campaign.

“We believe that Spuds Unearthed provides a truly unique mix of VR-focused design, seamless user experience and a world full of wacky potatoes fighting for their own piece of land,” said Piotr Jaworski, CEO, Gamedust in a statement. “We’re launching our Indiegogo campaign to help us bring the game to PSVR and help us reach our full vision for Spuds Unearthed, including a full single-player story campaign. We would love to hear feedback from our supporters on the final stage of the game’s development to create something capable of being sustained for a long time, for current and future players.”

In the Spuds Unearthed universe the wacky Spuds just love fighting, and you’re in charge of controlling and managing a troop of guns wielding potatoes. A mix of strategy, tower defence and shooter gameplay all wrapped up together, the videogame training and upgrading your team for specific roles whilst building turrets and vehicles with various parts you happen to find.

Head on over to Indiegogo to learn more about the project, and as the campaign continues VRFocus will keep you updated.

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