The Mandalorian Season 2 Kicks Off With A KOTOR Reference

It seems like forever since we got some actual new TV, thanks to this pandemic halting any filming. Things are sort of getting back to normal on that front, with the Uncharted movie actually wrapping on its initial shooting. Star Wars fans got an immediate treat this weekend when The Mandalorian season two premiered on Disney+. So did KOTOR fans, it turns out, as the first episode had a reference to the old game.

The Mandalorian season two, episode one “The Marshal” saw the titular hero team up with a stranger wearing Boba Fett’s armor. The Marshal, as he was called by the residents of a small Tatooine town, asked for Mando’s help in killing a krayt dragon. The humongous reptile burrowed in the sand, damaging the town and eating livestock in the process. The hunt escalated into a dangerous showdown between the krayt dragon, some Tusken Raiders, the townsfolk, the Marshal, and Mando. Baby Yoda watched. In the end, Mando flew into the creatures throat with bombs and blew it up from the inside. This is where KOTOR comes in.

Those who played Knights of the Old Republic might remember a quest where you had to kill a krayt dragon. Fighting it was a suicide mission, so you had to lure it over with banthas to eat and then blow it up. It certainly wasn’t as cinematic as The Mandalorian’s version, but it was a similar tactic. At the end, you collected a pearl. In the Mandalorian, a Tusken Raider can be seen holding the pearl in celebration.

In Star Wars lore, the pearls are said to form when the krayt dragon ingest many rocks to help its digestion. Over time, these rocks are crushed and refined into a smooth sphere. These pearls are valuable for their rarity, as the beast itself is so hard to kill. In KOTOR, the player uses the pearl to prove their kill to the Tusken Raiders, gaining their respect and a lesson on their history. You could also use it as a lightsaber component.

Mando shows no concern over the pearl, instead being satisfied with reclaiming Boba Fett’s armor from The Marshal. Perhaps the Tusken Raiders called dibs. Perhaps Baby Yoda will return one day to slay a krayt dragon of his own, honoring his adopted father and getting the pearl for his own lightsaber. Or maybe it was just a nice easter egg to a classic Star Wars game.

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