The Nokia T21 is a well-rounded slim tablet that offers long battery life

Nokia is stretching further into the tablet space with a great all-round piece of kit here.

In our review of the cheaper T20 tablet last year we said we were excited about the potential for a more premium device in future.

And Nokia seem to have listened, offering a slick, powerful Android-based machine that offers smooth operation across all kinds of user-friendly apps.

And it has eco credentials too, the T21’s tough body is made from aluminium and 60% recycles plastic.

You even get to plant five trees to help the planet for every purchase.

The T21 boasts a crisp 10.36-inch, 2K display which really pops off the screen when streaming videos and playing gaming apps like Call of Duty.

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It’s great for work video calls too thanks to the well-trusted Google Meet service. So you’ll be happy slinging the slim device into a bag for that on-the-go ‘office’ when you need to talk to colleagues in HD using the decent 8MP camera on the front.

It sounds great too, there’s dual speakers on either side of the unit and Nokia’s Ozo Playback audio gives the unit deeper bass notes than you’d expect from such a compact, slim chassis.

That means movies, games, even YouTube videos offer both clear and well-rounded sound at up to 96db of output.

The tablet can be used as a wireless second screen for a Windows PC, giving you greater visual space for your main computer when needed.

And it actively pushes for electronic pen use on the screen, so this is a real option for those wanting to creatively draw their way through their day. The firm even bundles in Bamboo apps for pen users to try their hand at sketching a masterpiece.

Connectivity is good. We never saw a drop in web use after multiple hours of video streaming and gameplay.

The T21 has NFC technology allowing device payments, voice-calling and texting capability to make connectivity on the go even easier.

It’s also got a maximum three-day battery life, for low usage, or about 15 hours of web browsing, which is pretty impressive.

And there’s a fast charge option when the power does run out.

For peace of mind, the firm also throws in three years of monthly security updates and two years of OS software upgrades, meaning your tablet will have the newest features and be safe to use for years to come.

All in, a very well-rounded tablet on the evermore swift Android platform.

It looks slim, classy and has decent cameras both front and back.

It’s not an iPad, they’re still in another class, but it is a lot cheaper at £239 and boasts some eco credentials for the planet savers out there.

Versatile, with a lengthy battery life, this is a strong mid-priced tablet option worth considering.


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