Arcane trailer takes us into an animated world of League of Legends

Arcane, the first full League of Legends animated series, has a trailer. Riot and Netflix released the first look at the series on Friday as part of Netflix’s Geeked Week event.

The series seems to mostly take place in the the wonderful techno-paradise of Piltover and its twin city Zaun, a place of unchecked technological terror. The two cities are constantly at odds with one another, with members of Zaun spilling out into the streets of Piltover to cause various forms of mayhem and chaos.

This latest clip focuses on Jinx, a chaos-loving criminal from Zaun. But before she was the gun-wielding character League fans know today, she was the sister of one of Piltover’s best police officers, Vi. The clip gives us brief flashbacks to Jinx’s past with her sister and lets her get out some of the resentment that’s built between the two. It seems this relationship will play a central role in Arcane, which will hopefully give us more of the backstory on both characters.

Arcane is being produced internally by Riot Games in collaboration with Fortiche Productions, which has worked frequently with Riot on animated shorts for League of Legends in the past, including the K/DA animated music video for Pop/Stars.

Arcane is set to hit Netflix in fall 2021.


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