Samsung Debuts TV That Can Rotate To Match Your Phone

Samsung has introduced a new TV at CES 2020 that is built to match your mobile phone. The 43-inch Sero can switch its orientation from standard widescreen to vertical “portrait” mode. The TV, targeted toward millennial and “Gen Z” customers, launched South Korea last year and is set to expand to more markets in 2020.

CNET reports that the portrait mode is Sero’s default settings, but it sports a motorized mount that can rotate the screen as needed. You can activate the motor using a button on the remote or the Samsung SmartThings app. If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can sync the two so that your TV will switch whenever your phone does–which, given the number of times per day our phones switch orientations by accident, sounds awful.

The vertical orientation is meant to look better when playing vertical videos like the ones found widely across YouTube. In theory, this functionality could be used for vertically-oriented games like retro shoot-em-ups, not unlike the Nintendo Switch Flip Grip. But that support would probably need to be applied on the developer side.

Samsung also introduced an invisible keyboard, which uses your phone’s camera to motion-track your fingers. CES is ongoing, so we expect plenty of other tech innovations coming out of the Las Vegas show. Sony has teased big things for its own CES briefing, but it’s unclear whether PS5 will be on the agenda.

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