Samsung Reveals New Invisible Keyboard At CES

CES 2020 is underway in Las Vegas, which means tech companies are busy debuting their newest technologies and innovations. One early surprise comes from Samsung, which has debuted a virtual keyboard that can be used on any flat surface.

The Verge reports that SelfieType is only a demo for the time being, but it could eventually be a commercial release. It comes from Samsung’s experimental C-Lab program, which has led to product launches before. SelfieType essentially uses your phone’s camera to motion-track your fingers, so your typing motions translate into actual keystrokes. A trailer from Samsung shows it in action.

It’s not available for public testing, so it’s difficult to tell if the tech works as smoothly as it’s shown. Invisible keyboards have already been attempted with laser projection, but this solution would work with your phone as the key piece of equipment. If it works, the same technology could potentially be used for more complex inputs in mobile games as well.

Meanwhile at CES, Sony has teased that it will show “the future” during its showcase at 5 PM Pacific on January 6. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we should expect PS5 news, even though the timing is right, because the company conspicuously didn’t mention any kind of hardware reveal coming.

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