The Biggest Changes to iOS 13 From the WWDC Keynote

At today’s WWDC keynote in San Jose, Apple showed off some new tricks it has taught its mobile OS, due to arrive in the fall when new phones will be announced. Per the usual WWDC style, the company went into some depth on a few of the features but mostly just listed a ton of updates in rapid fire fashion. Here’s the highlights:

Dark Mode

Apple’s Craig Federighi led the presentation for iOS and said the number one feature Apple’s customers want in their devices is performance, and he noted the company addressed this in a significant way in iOS 13. According to Federighi, updates will be 60 percent smaller,  and app downloads will be 50 percent smaller too. Finally, he said they have found a way to make FaceID’s unlock 30 percent faster too.


Apple brought out Meg Frost of Cuteoverload fame to discuss the company’s update to its Maps application. It started by showing a side-by-side of the amount of data in its current maps compared to the upcoming version, revealing a ton of more information will be available. Frost also demonstrated the ability to look up a location on the map, and then zoom through it like you were flying a drone through the map.

Apple Sign In

Something we all hate – being asked to login to an app by using our Facebook or Google login. It’s annoying because often times apps will get access to a lot of our data, as well as who we are friends with, and so forth. Apple’s solution to this problem is a new “Apple Sign In” button that apps can use. This will let you login with your Apple account, that doesn’t show the app designer all the rest of your personal information like it might on another platform. Apple will also let you hide your email address from the company by generating a random email address then forwarding the message to you.


The company is adding more customization options to Memoji and had two fictional “fashion influencers” show off some the new options. The new options include things like hats, teeth and grills, various hairstyles, makeup including eye shadow, sunglasses, and much more.

It also showed off Memoji stickers, which are all the emojis but personalized for your Memoji. You can insert these stickers into texts and anywhere else you would use a sticker.


Photos is getting a pretty heavy revamp in the name of smarter organization of your photos through machine learning, according to Apple. A new menu at the bottom of your gallery lets you easily sort photos by years, months, or days, so you can quickly jump between memories. They said there was also a way to get rid of duplicate photos, but they didn’t mention how it was being achieved. You will also be able to pinch and zoom in the mail view window to see a lot of photos or just a few.

There will also be several new editing options, all presented with a new UI, and interestingly you will also be able to apply the same edits to video footage. You can also rotate videos now, praise be to the engineers who finally figured that one out.


Not much was discussed as far as the music app is concerned, but they did show that in iOS 13 lyrics will scroll in real-time with the music playing, which is kind of cool.

Craig wrapped up the presentation by stating iOS 13 will have even more features that they didn’t have time to cover, so hopefully those details will be unveiled soon.


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