GDC 2019: Breakout VR Hit 'Beat Saber' Confirmed as Oculus Quest Launch Title

Beat Games is getting ready to take their massively successful block-slashing rhythm game to new heights, as Oculus today announced that Beat Saber (2018) is coming to Oculus Quest at launch.

According to an Oculus blog post, the Quest version of the game will deliver the entire Beat Saber experience, including all of the songs currently available on Rift, Vive, and PSVR, as well as “maybe more to come,” an Oculus spokesperson tells us.

The game originally launched into Early Access on Steam (Rift, Vive, Windows VR) and the Oculus Store (Rift) in May 2018. A few months later, the game then made its way to PSVR, quickly landing a decisive hit on the platform by becoming PSVR’s second most-downloaded VR game for the entire year; it was live on the PlayStation Store for only six weeks before vaulting past every PSVR game except the perennial favorite Job Simulator (2016), which came in at number one.

Beat Saber most recently celebrated an important milestone too, namely the revelation that the game has sold over one million copies, generating between $20 – $30 million in gross revenue across all platforms.

Outside of Beat Saber, Quest launch titles already confirmed thus far include Robo Recall, Moss, The Climb, and Dead & Buried (Superhot VR is also very likely). At Quest’s Oculus Connect unveiling last year, Mark Zuckerberg also said there will be some 50 launch titles planned for the Oculus Quest launch.

At the time of this writing we still don’t know when the company’s $400 6DOF standalone headset is due to hit consumer doorsteps, although Oculus hasn’t changed their Spring 2019 launch window expectation, putting launch hypothetically anywhere between March 20th and June 21st. Whatever the case may be, Oculus has started a ‘Quest Countdown’, so we’re bound to learn more at GDC this week.

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