GDC 2019: Viveport to Support Windows VR Headsets Later This Year

HTC’s Rikard Steiber today announced at GDC 2019 that Viveport, the company’s digital distribution platform for VR games, is going to support Windows VR headsets later this year.

The company first opened up Viveport to Oculus Rift in September 2018, having originally only supported the company’s two PC VR headsets at the time, the original Vive and Vive Pro.

Many VR games on Steam have native Windows VR support, although those that don’t can benefit from a Microsoft-built Steam plugin that allows Windows VR users to play games originally created for Vive & Rift only.

It’s uncertain at this point how HTC will go about supporting Windows VR headsets, be it through a similar ‘catch all’ plug-in or by simply allowing developers to add support on case-by-case basis. Steiber also didn’t mention when this will come, only saying that Windows VR support is set to come “later this year.”

This comes as a larger push by HTC to further proliferate the Viveport platform, which is set to launch their Netflix-style, unlimited download subscription service Viveport Infinity early next month.

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