'No Man's Sky' Update to Bring "significantly improved" Graphics to PSVR Version – Road to VR

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    The ‘Beyond’ update to No Man’s Sky (2016), which brought VR support to the game alongside a host of improvements, is admittedly far from perfect. Hello Games seems to be chewing through some of the biggest gripes VR gamers have though, notably the game’s graphical fidelity on PSVR.

    To that effect, the studio announced that they’re bringing some optimizations to all VR platforms, and not just PSVR.

    Hello Games pushed out the update to their Experimental Branch on Steam this week, which lets PC VR users opt-in to early access features.

    Here’s the VR-specific bits from the long list of bug fixes:

    • Introduced a number of PC VR and PSVR rendering optimisations.
    • Significantly improved image quality in PSVR: reduced blurriness caused by TAA jitter and fixed low-quality terrain/atmosphere jaggies.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Blaze Javelin not to work in VR.
    • The studio says they’ll be rolling out the optimizations to its other platforms “as soon as possible.”

      In the meantime, check out our full review of No Man’s Sky in VR to find out why we scored it a solid [7.5/10].

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