Oculus Connect 6: Users Have Bought Over $100M in Oculus Store Content to Date

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at Oculus Connect  today where he announced that the Oculus Store has now sold over $100 million worth of content to date.

Zuckerberg maintains that the Oculus Store—which provides content for Rift, Quest, Go, and Gear VR—has topped $100 million USD combined.

The company says that more than 20% of that is from Quest alone; considering the standalone VR headset is only four months old, that’s a pretty impressive number.

Side note: the Oculus Store was opened up to paying customers back in March 2015, and first serviced Gear VR.

Although it’s uncertain how Facebook plans on counting its sales numbers when they release support for its ‘Oculus Link’ tether feature, which will allow Quest users to play Rift content by simply plugging into capable computers via USB cable, there’s bound to be more Quest-driven sales, both hardware and software, because of it.

To some degree, those numbers will also rise thanks to the upcoming cross-over support for Oculus Go games on Quest, which will give Go games a measure of forwards compatibility with the 6DOF Quest.

We have feet on the ground at Oculus Connect 6 in San Jose, CA. Check back soon for all things AR/VR to come from the conference.

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