Oculus Summer Sale Kicks Off, Offering Big Savings on Rift & Go Titles – Road to VR

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Steam’s Summer sale has been in full swing for a few days, but now it’s Oculus’ turn to offer up big savings on VR titles for both the Rift Platform and Oculus Go. Sorry folks, no Quest Summer Sale yet!

For Rift, the savings are similar to those as seen on the Steam Sale, which knocks off around 50% on top titles, however the company is also offering up an exclusive Oculus Originals Premium Pack from Oculus Studios, which features 10 games for under $120: The Unspoken, The Mage’s Tale, Brass Tactics, Lone Echo, Chronos, ARKTIKA.1, Wilson’s Heart, Witchblood, Damaged Core, and Defense Grid 2: Enhanced VR Edition.

Oculus prices its bundles dynamically, so if you already own a game in the bundle, the price is automatically deducted.

Oculus Summer Sale runs from now until 11:59 pm PT on July 7th (local time here).

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